René Pfitzner

I am the Lead Data Scientist at Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Switzerland's newspaper of record. I am interested in media innovation, especially algorithmic approaches for newsmedia.

I am especially in charge of our "Smart Media" efforts, see this article.

Together with Nino Maspoli I am organizing TechTuesday Zurich.

Here is a more colorful version of this website designed by "AI"-Tool I am not impressed.


Feel free to stay in touch with me using any of the following.
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  • Mail me at contact(at)renepfitzner(dot)net. If you have an increased need of privacy, use this pgp key to encrypt your message.


  • My Weblog

  • Blog with things-to-remember and some of my thoughts. Irregularly updated.
  • Neue Zürcher Zeitung

  • With 237 years of age, it feels like the oldest Startup of Switzerland. To be in news media these days is super exciting. I am happy to be part of it's transformation towards (tbd).


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